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We've met the Wilsons, watched them flip out, and they’ve taken our requests. Now, Kortney & Dave are back in the forefront with new music. With three – yes, three - hit shows on CMT Canada, they felt it was time to get back to doing what they love the most, performing for their fans.

"We always saw the TV success as a great way for our fans to hear our music. But, we are still two kids who moved to Nashville to write songs and play music and it's time to get back to the heart of it", says Dave.

Kortney & Dave arrived in Nashville within a week of each other from their native Ontario, both pursuing solo careers. As fate would have it, they met each other soon after at Deric Ruttan’s farm. As the old saying goes, they have been inseparable ever since. After both testing the waters with solo projects, they felt their true musical harmony was with each other and so was born The Wilsons.

In 2009, CMT Canada debuted a reality show called Meet the Wilsons that brought Kortney & Dave into our homes and hearts. Cameras followed them around their Nashville home, where they play many roles: house flippers, musicians, and most importantly, Mom and Dad to Jett and Sully. During the filming of the show, they also adopted a beautiful baby girl, Lennox. We laughed and cried with them, and you couldn’t help but love this family.

Following the success of Meet the Wilsons, two singles and hit CMT videos, and The Wilson’s: Flip Out, Kortney & Dave began interacting with their fans as hosts of their own show on CMT Canada – Kortney & Dave: By Request. It's become a favorite of CMT viewers across Canada, all while making music, performances, house flips, and raising their kids.

In 2011, while on stage in Little Current, Ontario at Manitoulin’s Countryfest, Dave surprised Kortney with a song she had never heard before and proposed to her once again; the crowd went wild.

Kortney explains, "I was in an ugly cry throughout most of him singing. When I finally caught my breath after our set, I was like, 'Is it just me or is that a really great song?" I knew he had created something that others could relate to as well."

Dave adds, "All I was trying to do by writing this song was to get Kort to agree to marry me again. I was never expecting the audience to ask me for a copy of the song after the show. I hadn't gotten that far."

'Marry Me Again' is their story and just happens to be their new single hitting Canadian country radio this summer. Kortney & Dave make it a tradition to renew their vows when they go on vacation and often surprise each other. Since their first wedding in Toronto, they've exchanged vows in Mexico, Panama, Niagara Falls, and are hoping to continue the tradition with locations all over the world.

Just this past March they celebrated ten years of marriage and the five Wilson’s have quickly become one of Canada’s most adored families. So what’s next for Kortney & Dave? More music. More television. And, you can bet more memories and experiences as a family.

"Being on TV has been a positive experience for our family; it's not like we carry the drama of the Kardashians or anything”, Kortney laughs. “We've made it as real as possible and people have responded so we are hoping that by recording music that is just as 'real' to us, the fans will respond in the same way."

K&D Fun Facts


Favorite Movie - Life is Beautiful and Pretty Woman

Favorite Album - Tracy Chapman by Tracy Chapman

Favorite Food - Banana Cream Pie (does this qualify as food?)

Song that makes you think of Dave - Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

Favorite Restaurant - The Silly Goose in East Nashville (get the Zipper if you ever go there)

Fave place you guys have gotten married? - Our first wedding at Casa Loma in Toronto

Thing you guys fight about the most? - Dave not listening to instructions or what's going on and having to repeat myself. It's a guy thing.

Best memory with the kids? - Jett and Sully meeting their baby sister for the first time. I will never forget that moment because it is etched in my mind but also because cameras caught it for the 1st season of MTW.

Funniest thing one of the kids has said to you? - Mommy - " Sully, what did mommy tell you about your private parts?" - Sully - “Don’t show people"

Best trip you've been on together? - Definitely Hawaii in 2011

Biggest Pet Peave? - Time. I despise when people are late for no good reason. I just can't help myself.

Guilty Pleasure? - Grey's Anatomy. I LOVE that show.

One thing Dave wouldn't want you to know about her but I will tell you? - He lets me shave his back. I don't like seeing hair back there when we're at the pool and he humors me.

On my bucket list? - To be on Dancing with the Star's Canada (if there ever is one)

One Song I wish that I would have written? - Chasing Pavement by Adele

Favorite Thing To Wear? - A long sun dress with fun earrings and cool sunglasses.


Favorite Movie - Ocean's 11 and 13

Favorite Album - U2's The Joshua Tree

Favor Food - Sushi and Cheeseburgers and anything Kortney cooks

Song that makes you think of Kortney - Forever and Ever Amen by Randy Travis

Favorite Restaurant - Marche in East Nashville.

Fave place you guys have gotten married? - Panama

Thing you guys fight about the most? - Me adhering to lists.

Best memory with the kids? - Taking them to Mexico this last time and seeing them running on the beach

Funniest thing one of the kids has said to you? Jett at 2 years old: "Daddy is Mommy a hottie?

Best trip you've been on together? - Hawaii

Biggest Pet Peeve? - Being stood up

Guilty Pleasure? - Fried Food

One thing Kortney wouldn't want you to know about her but I will tell you? - She occasionally sleeps with a small plastic shield in her mouth to keep her teeth straight and it freaks me out.

On my bucket list? - Going to South Africa

One Song I wish that I would have written? - Happy Birthday

Favorite Thing To Wear? - Jeans and a tee shirt